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Schumann Duo, Classical Music with an Edge. Oct 22 & Oct. 24

THURSDAY OCTOBER 22, 4: 30 PM SLT at Virtually Speaking (with special guest interview to follow)
THURSDAY OCTOBER 22, 6:00 PM SLT at Amadora Concert Hall
SATURDAY OCTOBER 24, 12:00 PM SLT at Music Island

Three fabulous and different opportunities to hear the great Schumann Duo this week. Veteran performers, the Schumann Duo are consummate professional musicians and music educators who enliven classical music with witty interpretations and scintillating commentary. How are they different? Piano, oboe and….. musical saw? But honestly the surprises just start there!

Clarissima is a pioneer and leader in the Second Life musical community. I met “Sisi” almost a year before Music Island was founded as we were both struggling to assist our colleague musicians, new to Second Life in learning to stream and helping with requisite tasks like making program givers for concerts. Now owner of her own full sim housing the Amadora Concert Hall, Sisi hosts her own series and informational events. So here are your choices this week for the duo. If you like a little information with your music, join us Thus. @ 4:30 pm for the Virtually Speaking series. An hour of music will be followed by an hour of public affairs interviews and commentary at 6 pm. This week with author Dave Pollard. If you like to dress up and enjoy the ambience of a formal concert hall, (and prefer music over public affairs), you might like to join the Duo at their own concert hall, Amadora. And lastly, if you prefer the seaside ambience of a summer music festival that typifies our own Music Island, join us Saturday at noon on Music Island. Whatever your flavour, you are sure to enjoy the Schumann Duo. In fact you may want to catch more than one of these all too rare gems that the Schumann Duo are so generous to offer us from time to time.

Not to be missed!

About the Duo:
The Schumann Duo. A real life married couple, Clarissima Schumann and Kahuna Schumann have been performng together professionally for the past 27 years as soloists, in small ensembles, and chamber music settings. Their eclectic mix of oboe, piano and musical saw has tweaked the musical sensibilities of SL audiences for more than two years. In Spring 2009, they teamed up with the Duo Appassionato to play a series of benefit concerts in RL to great acclaim by critics and audiences alike.

About Arts & Letters @ Virtually Speaking
On selected Thursdays, Music Island Concerts’ Kate Miranda & Virtually Speaking’s Jay Ackroyd present a blend of music and public affairs to lift our spirits, engage our hearts and minds and bring us together for the journey ahead. Live concerts use the global language of music to set the stage for the contemplation of important issues of our time with writers and publishers, scientists and educators, pundits and public officials. Follow the schedule of speakers at:

We will give you emotions and impressions at our unforgettable festival! There is no better time than time spent with good music among friends.

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