Flying High at Torben Asp Concerts

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There’s something about Torben’s music and the great particle shows that make us want to dance in the sky. It’s totally immersive and relaxing, like a flying virtual bubble bath washing all around you as you float on waves of sound and light.

SLMOOC 2016 Music Island Presentation

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Music Island’s coordinator Kate Miranda gave a prsentation as part of SL MOOC 2016 on the ways that SL can be used by musicians and music eduators for: Professional Development Secondary and post-secondary music education Audience development, music appreciation, and life-long learning Second Life for Professional Development and Education in[…]

How do I get to play at Music Island?

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I logged on today to pick up a notecard from someone I’d never met in Second Life. It was an unexplained bio & publicity information for a Second Life musician I had also never heard but the bio sounded like the artist was a rap or hip-hop musician. This is[…]