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March 27/11 Steam Organ, Piano, Harpsichord, Wind… and words

Sandia Beaumont (Piano) & Shprav Oodles (Organ)
Steam Organ, Piano, Harpsichord, Wind… and words.
Music Island, Sea Turtle Island

In First Life, as a solo pianist, Sandia Beaumont is regularly accompanied by symphonic orchestras. In Second Life, Sandia could only dream of having an orchestra to accompany her. The cost of orchestral performance is such that only a handful of full symphony concerts have been held in Second Life. Most orchestral accompaniments are synthesized or pre-recorded tracks.

But then along came Shprav Oodles, the exotic organist from Africa. Oodles made the outrageous claim that on the organ, he could accompany her and that he would out-orchestra any orchestra she cared to name. Beaumont laughed when he said this, but politely agreed to listen. Sandia stopped laughing when she heard Oodles play.

That was six months ago, and planning has been intense since then! Join us at Noon SLT (Pacific Time) on Sunday March 27, on Music Island, you can hear Oodles & Beaumont play for the very first time in Second Life or any other Life.

The Programme

A programme as hybrid (how contemporary !) as this could only be found in Second Life…

Michel Legrand – Melodies
W.A. Mozart – “Concerto in A K488” 1st & 2nd mvts, for piano and organ
G.F. Handel – “Concertino in A minor” for Harpsichord and Great Organ
Structured Improvisation – “Marzipan Mischief Boogie-Woogie”
Shprav Oodles – “Ex Machina” for piano, organ and synthesizer
Oodles & Beaumont – “Rain, Steam and Slivovitz” for piano and Steam Organ.

We will give you emotions and impressions at our unforgettable festival! There is no better time than time spent with good music among friends.

Germany —
785 15h Street, Office 478
Berlin, De 81566

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