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AldoManutio Abruzzo Sept 22– Equinox Concert

The Balance of the Matter
September 22
Music Island Concerts @ Sea Turtle Island

Our biggest celebrations as a species tend to focus on the extremes of our seasonal cycles, Mid-summer and Mid-winter solstice celebrations. In these times, hopefully the human species is evolving to have a considered and worshipful regard for the idea of balance.

Join us in musical contemplation of the balance of day and night, winter and summer, as the earth is perfectly balanced between the Light and the Dark, the Heat of the Sun and the Cold of Winter Nights.

I don’t know what surprises Aldo may have in store for the concert audience on Tuesday night. (He is being unusually secretive). But every concert with Aldo has been a delight for the ears and senses and the hearts of listeners are filled with calm and contemplation.

Aldo plays a unique blend of improvisational ambient guitar. You have to hear it to believe it! In real life, this avatar studied classical guitar, Renaissance and Baroque lute, trombone, and recorder. He records and performs under his project name of “usr/sbin”.

He contributes regularly to collaborative recording efforts for The Ambient Collective (, has released an EP for the netlabel Mandorla Records (, where his work is also showcased in their MANDORLA AUTUMN TUNES NET-COLLECTION release, and regularly participates in the National Solo Album Month (

His CDs are listed in iTunes and Rhapsody, as well as several other online music services. A quick search for “usr/sbin” with your favorite online service should turn up his recordings; if not, let him know! His recordings can also be heard regularly at

AldoManutio Abruzzo (RL: Dennis Moser, aka “usr/sbin”)

We will give you emotions and impressions at our unforgettable festival! There is no better time than time spent with good music among friends.

Germany —
785 15h Street, Office 478
Berlin, De 81566

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