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What is group spam… or not?

Today I received the following message:

[17:05] Abbey Zenith: You have been ejected from ‘Second Life Library 2.0’ by Abbey Zenith.

I felt terrible, both hurt and angry. I had sent a single IM message to a group about a classical piano concert that I had been led to believe might be of interest to their members. It was a public service. Far from “needing” the group, I had to think about whether I could extend some invitations to other groups since core group members (1350 in group and 2000 on maillist) usually were sufficient to fill the sim. This seemed like a poor reward for my inclusiveness. I wanted to ban Abbey and five generations of her descendents from Music Island. And then I calmed down and considered why I was angry.

The history here is that a couple of years ago I had responded to a competition to propose innovative, educational uses of SL to be featured on Innovation InfoIsland, a project of the Alliance Library system. I created a museum of SL music with considerable hours of work and also programmed several concerts that filled the sim. However Innovation InfoIsland soon bit the dust and the museum exhibits that were so painstakingly created had to be retrieved in a mad scramble to avoid deletion by new owners eager for rent-paying tenants.

I was encouraged to remain in the group and publicize concerts to the group. I didn’t publicize every concert, selecting those that might be of the most educational interest. At some point my ability to send notices was rescinded. My contact in the group had no idea why, I left it that she’d sort it out and get those rights re-instated. I shrugged and forgot about it and occasionally sent an IM to the group about a concert that might be of interest. Then today after one IM about a classical piano concert I was booted by Abbey Zenith.

I have booted people from my group also… when they have begged money of group members or advertised things for sale on the group. I have never booted anyone for IMing about a cultural or educational event that might be of interest to members. I apologize to members of the Librarians group that might miss news of concerts that might interest them. But, please feel free to join the Music Island concert group.

It seems that the leadership of the Library 2.0 group is unsure of what types of notices their members would like to receive. I suggest that they get together and articulate a policy. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to not insult and eject potential allies and colleagues.

Music Island museum of music with exhibits of virtual instruments, how-to’s of SL music and connections
to leading musicians streams, bios, recordings, as it existed before its deletion. 

We will give you emotions and impressions at our unforgettable festival! There is no better time than time spent with good music among friends.

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Berlin, De 81566

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