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On Saturday May 23, Tanku Kaligawa (Anthony Lanman in RL) shared the following works with a small but fully engaged audience who participated in active dialogue with the composer about his musical ideas and process. URL’s provide links to the scores of the works for those who may wish to review what they heard (or missed hearing!)

1) Sonata 46 (1998)
PDF Score – http://www.anthonyjosephlanman.com/SL/Sonata%2046.pdf

2) Il dolce stile nuovo (2001)
PDF Score – http://www.anthonyjosephlanman.com/SL/il%20dolce%20stile%20nuovo.pdf

3) Three Lamentations on the Death of John Dowland, I. “Flow My Tears” (2002)
PDF Score – http://www.anthonyjosephlanman.com/SL/Three%20Lamentations%20-%20I.pdf

4) Hommage a Kurosawa (2005)
PDF Score – http://www.anthonyjosephlanman.com/SL/Hommage%20a%20Kurosawa.pdf

5) Hommage a Tony Kushner
PDF Score – http://www.anthonyjosephlanman.com/SL/Hommage%20a%20Tony%20Kushner.pdf

6) Hommage a Mandy Morris
PDF Score – http://www.anthonyjosephlanman.com/SL/Hommage%20a%20Mandy%20Morris.pdf

7) Hommage a Michio Kaku
PDF Score – http://www.anthonyjosephlanman.com/SL/Hommage%20a%20Michio%20Kaku.pdf

8) Hommage a Frank Zappa
PDF Score – http://www.anthonyjosephlanman.com/SL/Hommage%20a%20Frank%20Zappa.pdf

9) Siùil ò Rùn (2006)
PDF Score – http://www.anthonyjosephlanman.com/SL/Siuil.pdf

10) Synaesthesiac (Intro) (2008)
PDF Score – http://www.anthonyjosephlanman.com/SL/Synaesthesiac.pdf

A growing number of young composers and students of composition are choosing SL as a way of presenting their music for feedback and dissemination to an international body of classical music listeners in live time.

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