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Naftali gets them up and dancing

Usually on Music Island, we sit, listen to the Music and maybe exchange a few thoughts, appreciative comments or q & a’s by text during the concerts. Yesterday’s rousing concert of European folk music was different. Holland based fiddler, Naftali Torok was hard to resist. Bavid led the way, first getting up and dancing and inviting others to join his HUD. Then kate got in the mix. By the end of the concert very few were left sitting in the stands.

It was a great touch that Naftali had brought along some slides of her RL band in performance and she “introduced” us to the all of the members of the band before the concert concluded.

Even the Lindens must have approved the event as the concert concluded with a notice of a rolling re-start…. conveniently timed for a few minutes AFTER the encore piece. Such luck rarely happens in SL. The gods of the grid were clearly with Naftali and the Music Island audience.

We will give you emotions and impressions at our unforgettable festival! There is no better time than time spent with good music among friends.

Germany —
785 15h Street, Office 478
Berlin, De 81566

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