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Interested in Performing on Music Island?

So you want to play a concert on Music Island? That’s great! We need more musicians, more music, more art in Second Life. It is not possible to have too much and there’s a place that fits everyone to showcase their art. But is Music Island the right venue for you and your music?

Here’s a few FAQ’s?

What kind of music do you present at Music Island?
Music Island is a venue for classical music, art music, experimental music, world music and multi-media art.

What is the format of concerts at Music Island?
The venue resembles a summer music festival environment. The atmosphere is relaxed but audience members are seated and listen to the music. Performers usually introduce their works and provide some informative commentary on composers, period, technique, or their own thoughts on the music between selections.

Is there any type of music that you would not present at Music Island?
Music Island does not compete with commercial clubs and dance venues in Second Life. There are tons of clubs with dance balls and flashing lights. They are great, but they are not us.

How do you choose the artists that perform at Music Island?
Mostly through word-of-mouth from our regular performers and audience members. You can send me a link to your music online or an invite to one of your Second Life concerts. If you have a project or a collaboration you’d like to discuss, I’d love to hear about it. I’d much more prefer to speak directly to musicians than SL artist managers.

I’m a new musician in Second Life. What do I need to know?
You need to learn how to stream reliably to a Shoutcast server. There is information in this blog and also a notecard available at Music Island.

What does Music Island provide to artists performing there?

  1. 1000 listener reliable stream from the Stream Team (one of SL most respected stream providers)
  2. promotion: Online listings, several music groups inworld including our own group, Twitter & other social media, signage, CD table with links to your site for record sales, promotional T-shirts
  3. good audiences–we have attracted a community of friendly, enthusiastic people
  4. event coordination, greeting, traffic control, ejection of troublemakers and griefers, stream re-set if required
  5. Artists keep all their tips

What does Music Island not provide?
We do not have any funding or commercial activity to enable us to pay any artistic fees. Music Island was originally founded along the principles of an artist collective, a showcase for artists with content determined by artists.

Are all your performers professional musicians?
Most of our performers are professionals. Some are semi-professional and a very few are experienced amateurs or advanced music students.

Are all concerts live?
All concerts have a live component. The realities and economics of SL concerts mean that musicians frequently use pre-recorded accompaniments. Sometimes we have presented “composer chats” in which all or some of the works are recorded and presented by the composer in dialogue with the audience.

I can stream music but I don’t have any (instrument, animations, set up) for my avatar. Is this okay?
No. There are many makers of instruments in SL. It is possible to find scripted instruments at a very reasonable cost. Having your avatar onstage helps the audience engage with you and feel “present” at the concert. When avatars appear to be standing onstage doing nothing or sound is disembodied, SL audiences assume something is wrong and this is distracting.

How far ahead do you book concerts?
A month to two months in advance.

Can I book a time now and cancel later if I get busy in RL?
Emergencies happen to all of us, but you should approach an SL concert as a firm commitment and try your best to be there for your concert. Real hours of work go into booking, scheduling and promoting concerts. Cancellations hurt everyone.

Do you ever have an “open mic night”?
Not yet, but I’d like to.

Can I get help with a soundcheck, access stream for a sound check?
Yes. I really don’t like to go into a concert without a pre-concert soundcheck, preferably on the day of the concert.

We will give you emotions and impressions at our unforgettable festival! There is no better time than time spent with good music among friends.

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