How does Second Life Music work?

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The performer or ensemble use microphones or instrument pickups to capture a live performance. Where more than one performer or sound source is used, it is advisable to have microphones & pickups attached to an external mixer and to send the combined signal to the computer. That performance is encoded[…]

Outline of the beginning of Music Island

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Organizing and presenting concerts on Music Island is part of my work and play within Second Life. It is a specialized new platform and in this blog I hope to share the basics of what I have learned about presenting concerts in Second Life, as well as some information about[…]

Virtual Concerts in the Park

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Time was when orchestras and ensembles wanted to reach out to new audiences, they took their instruments out to the park and shopping malls where teens and young families tended to gather. In today‚Äôs world, increasingly, people are meeting online. Some intrepid, tech-savvy musicians and ensembles are out there in[…]