Second Life concerts as audience development

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The aspect unique to classical music in Second Life is the quality of the audience experience. A podcast or webcast can deliver the same sound quality and serve promotional purposes, but all of these are solitary experiences. By contrast, concerts in Second Life are joyfully social; audience members are celebratory[…]

The construction of Second Life Musical Venues

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The subject of virtual real estate, 3-dimensional building and managing lag issues in Second Life is a very large topic, which I can only touch on here. Artists and arts organizations may wish to know that non-profits can apply to purchase virtual real estate at a reduced price if they[…]

Detailed instructions for SL streaming from PC

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In order to stream “live” audio into SL, first you need to capture your music through microphone (s) and “broadcast” your sound from your computer. It is recommended that if you are going to broadcast more than one track (several instruments, instrument plus voice, or instrument plus recorded accompaniment) that[…]

How does Second Life Music work?

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The performer or ensemble use microphones or instrument pickups to capture a live performance. Where more than one performer or sound source is used, it is advisable to have microphones & pickups attached to an external mixer and to send the combined signal to the computer. That performance is encoded[…]

Outline of the beginning of Music Island

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Organizing and presenting concerts on Music Island is part of my work and play within Second Life. It is a specialized new platform and in this blog I hope to share the basics of what I have learned about presenting concerts in Second Life, as well as some information about[…]