Music Island Performer — Thom Dowd

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Thom Dowd not only is a musician who has been performing in Second Life for several years but he is also an enthusiast who has helped several other musicians learn how to stream and assisted with connecting them to venues like Music Island to give their first concerts in virtual[…]

Music Island Artist, Akito Kuramoto

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Akito has been performing on Music Island since January 2008 and was given Artist-in-Residence status after several concerts and events. His concerts are always thoughtfully programmed and he takes care to prepare helpful notes for the audience and to introduce each piece with his own thoughts. Our audience came to[…]

Who is Performing in Second Life and Why?

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Classical performers in Second Life range from emerging and mid-career professional musicians, retired and semi-retired musicians, competent amateurs, music students, music educators, plus occasional cameo appearances by leading artists and ensembles. Some performers find it is a good way to work up new material and play it before a live[…]


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Because virtual reality is so new, artists and organizations have managed to create a great deal of buzz with concerts in Second Life. Two years ago, when the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic streamed a video of a concert into virtual reality it created headlines in the New York Times, the Liverpool[…]


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Second Life is an international community that is small enough to facilitate networking among people of shared interests. Second Life performers and creative artists are finding virtual reality a great place to learn about new projects and make connections that will help them with organizing concerts, shows and tours in[…]