Nov. 20 Atheene Dodonpa: Songs of the Anunciation & Advent Season

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Atheene Dodonpa, soprano Early Songs of the Anunciation & Advent Season (live concert in 3D virtual reality) Sunday November 20, 2011 12 noon SLT (Pacific Time) Music Island, Sea Turtle Island Atheene Dodonpa is the pre-eminent wandering minstrel of Second Life, entertaining townsfolk and castle dwellers alike with authentic music[…]

Saturday November 12 Champagne Rain, piano

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CHAMPAGNE RAIN, piano and voice SAT Nov 12 @ 12 PM Music Island, Sea Turtle Island http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sea%20Turtle%20Island/56/23/25 ABOUT THE ARTIST: Champagne Rain is an Eastern European born Classical Pianist. She has devoted most of her life to acquiring performing skills at the Kiev Conservatory and has, in real life, performed[…]

Conservation and Innovation in Early Music

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Three events over the next week will explore this theme: Nov 13 12 noon Christine Montgomery, violin & compostion “Plugged-In Vivaldi” ABOUT THE ARTIST: Chrissie Caulfield is a violinist and composer working principally in contemporary, ambient and rock idioms. She plays electric violin in the Progressive Rock band Catscans, has[…]

Sept 11 “The Language of Peace” 12 noon SLT

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]”The language of peace” Shprav OODLES & Sandia BEAUMONT, piano, harpsichord & organ Sunday Sept 11 @ 12 pm (NOON) Music Island, Sea Turtle Island http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sea%20Turtle%20Island/54/21/23 PROGRAM: Bartok Grasshopper Wedding Heliodoro de Paiva Tento de IV Tom Bartok BEAR dance Tchaikovsky June Barcarolle Handel Sonatina in A minor Improv Bartok:[…]

Is there a creative economy in Second Life?

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In the context of a maillist discussion, this video was posted, sparking my comments as below. SLCC 2011 The Creative Economy In Second Live by Sitearm Madonna aka James Neville from Sitearm Madonna on Vimeo. It is interesting to note that Richard Florida moved to Canada, citing in part the[…]