Cypress Rosewood

  • Date: March 20, 2021
  • Time:13:00
  • Venue: Music Island
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Co-presented with Radio Spiral

A celebration of the northern hemisphere’s Spring equinox. A time to find our inner balance as the planet hovers between winter and summer and we find peace somewhere between the weariness of long gray days, gratitude for all that sustained us through the winter and exuberance at the hint of the dawning Spring season.
CYPRESS ROSEWOOD in “real life” is TONY GERBER, a space music artist with over 30 recordings available and various music scores for documentary films, most recently the planetarium show, “Nine Planets and Counting” in RL and a soundtrack to the SL science exhibit on “Nanotubes” at Nanotechnology Island. His group, Spacecraft has scored music for films including “Vanilla Sky” starring Tom Cruise. They have performed live concerts in planetariums around the United States.
In Second Life CYPRESS was the first professional space musician to use the virtual world platform and has been a pioneer of live space and ambient music. He has performed hundreds of SL concerts with his special brand of aural vibrations utilizing native flutes, synthesizers and guitars that can aid healing and relaxation. Cypress is also continually developing the Space Music Museum alongside working on many other groundbreaking projects. He was also one of the primary designers for the first major music manufacturer on the SL grid, Gibson Music Instruments, building their “Gibson Island” opened in July of 2008.

Cypress Rosewood