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Detailed instructions for SL streaming from PC

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In order to stream “live” audio into SL, first you need to capture your music through microphone (s) and “broadcast” your sound from your computer. It is recommended that if you are going to broadcast more than one track (several instruments, instrument plus voice, or instrument plus recorded accompaniment) that you use an external mixer to enable you to broadcast one mixed signal. There are 3 broadcast programs available to download: Winamp {with a dsp plugin called Shoutcast}, SimpleCast, or SAM. Simplecast and SAM, can be found at http://www.spacialaudio.com./ If you have the Newest Version of Winamp, you can also find the SHOUTcast plugin at this site.
Edward Lowell, a leading provider of streaming services in Second Life, (The Stream Team) finds Simplecast to be his broadcaster of choice noting is as simple and reliable, and by far the easiest to set up. These instructions are based on his notes. Download the broadcaster to your PC according to the instructions provided at their site.
The Spacial audio site is a great place to invest some time in reading, now only about their products but about what Internet streaming really is. There is an ongoing wiki built by users for users and discussion forums It is a great place to get knowledge and a basic understanding on how this works.

Setup Encoder for SHOUTcast Server:

The next step is to create an encoder that can supply the streaming server with a source stream. (The following instructions are for SimpleCast but can be easily adopted to other broadcasters.)
  1. Click on Encoders button in SimpleCast
  2. In the Encoders window click on the add encoder button
  3. Select MP3 and mp3PRO and Click OK
(Note: You may use the legacy ACM MP3 encoder, but it is not recommended.)
Configurations below for MP3 and mp3PRO encoder apply.

MP3 (PRO) Encoder & Streamer Configuration

  1. On the Converter tab, set Quality to Medium
  2. Under Format, select the format that matches the URL of your stream host provider, such as http://www.audiorealm.com/streamX
  3. Check Auto Start encoder after 5 seconds
  4. Uncheck “Allow scripts in stream.” Note: If left checked, you will have problems with stream.

Server Details tab

  1. Server type is SHOUTcast
  2. Enter Host in Server IP field
  3. Enter Port in Server Port field
  4. Enter password in password field