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Conservation and Innovation in Early Music

Three events over the next week will explore this theme:

Nov 13 12 noon Christine Montgomery, violin & compostion “Plugged-In Vivaldi”

Chrissie Caulfield is a violinist and composer working principally in contemporary, ambient and rock idioms. She plays electric violin in the Progressive Rock band Catscans, has played solo at various venues including Colchester New Music and will be holding a masterclass in electric violin techniques in that city later this year. She is also a founder member of the contemporary music band ‘Midnight Llama’ based in West Yorkshire, UK. She has toured Europe with the rock band Crippled Black Phoenix and appears on the latest album “Relic” by guitarist Matt Stevens.

As a composer, Chrissie is largely self-taught, but has taken tuition and advice from Ben Oliver, John Habron, Scott McLaughlin and anyone else who will listen. Her compositional style is eclectic and takes in a number of diverse influences from the baroque masters to Schnittke, Swedish folk music, Pink Floyd, distortion pedals and the noise cats make when licking foil. She is, as Douglas Adams would have it, “a great fan of science” and frequently uses scientific and mathematical themes in her music, though is not above tweaking mathematical systems for musical effect.

She lives in Leeds with a large number of cats, some strange instruments, and possibly too many computers and/or effects pedals.

This is what happens to classical music when you remove its inhibitions, lend it to a prog-rocker and then try to play the tattered remains when it comes back two years later covered in cat pawprints

Nov 19 11 am Aelthing Aeon, guided listening Conservation and Innovation

Like to listen and learn about classical music? Whether you are new to classical music or an avid collector of recordings, you are always sure to learn something new at this monthly talk. Aelthing Aeon, a guest lecturer with the National Federation of Recorded Music Societies in the UK will present an informative talk on selected classical recordings, including some rare performances on CD. This month, Ael will be talking about and contrasting performances on period & modern instruments.

Nov 20 12 noon Atheene Dodonpa, Early Music

Lady Atheene Dodonpa is the leading Lady minstrel performing medieval music in SL. She is a professional musician in both worlds, so her live medieval music moments are guaranteed to be authentic and unique.

Lady Atheene accompanies her voice with several instruments: recorders and pipes, bells, rebec, symphonie, bowed psaltery, 5-stringed kantele, organ and celtic harp. Her performances have already been a source of joy for hundreds of people in SL and she will continue to sing and tell the enchanting stories for the recidents of all regions she is invited to also in the future, of course, God willing.

We will give you emotions and impressions at our unforgettable festival! There is no better time than time spent with good music among friends.

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