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01 Jan 1970 |

12 noon SLT Torben Asp

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12 noon SLT Torben Asp

Second Life
Music Island
12:00 pm

TORBEN ASP, electronic ambient music wizard originally from Denmark and now living in the USA, Torben blends sampled sounds and keyboard wizardry. A wonderful fusion of New Age and Trance.If you like Jean-Michel Jarre – You might enjoy this. Just Different!!

Torben Asp has always had a melody playing somewhere in his head since he was small.
When the possibility to compose music on the PC came up the road was cleared for him to present his music to the world..

In 2007 Torben began performing a long line of concerts streamed onto the internet and at the same time build up a virtual network which in December 2010 resulted in a Mini-Tour in the USA with performances in Nashville, TN and Hamilton, OH and an invitation to come back in July 2011 which resulted in 2 concerts in Hamilton, OH.