Palancar –Myriad of Stars
01 Jan 1970 |

Torben Asp

Torben Asp
electronic, multimedia

From the Artist:

I have always had music in my head one way or another. When I was a little kid I hummed a lot during the day, making my own melodies but also when put to bed I did that which was kind of annoying to my parents.

When I was 16/17 I recorded a one-hour tape with my own compositions using a portable keyboard, a Yamaha Portasound, and a cable to my taperecorder….took quite a while and some re-takes to get it done but I did it and was very proud when my father used one of the tunes on the local stadium at a soccer-game…2500 listeners just like that.

In our kind of highschool, Denmark, I got the basic education in using notes and startet thinking more about how to put things together…never got the hang of just playing direct from a notesheet though.

In highschool I was in a band and we did a few shows…..I had 15 mins of my own at each show while the others had their break which I used to present my own music….and people were very kind to me so that was it.

Then 10 years without any music and suddenly software for composing music arrived in the stores….that gave me back the sparkle and I have moved on from there.


I have tried several pieces of software Ejay, Magix, Acid Pro, Fruity Loops, Logic and now I am using Reason as my favorite program.

Together with a keyboard this software has brought me a long way and should be better in the future…but I will let you be the judge of that.

I have been performing live concerts in Second Life since October 19th 2007 and the network I built up there has brought me to the USA twice doing 6 live concerts and one in Denmark in 2010/2011..

I compose and arrange my own original music with a lot of inputs from the different genres in my compositions. I want to create pictures and set you in a certain mood instead of being the next superstar and I like to call it Recreative Music.

Inspiration: Sash!, Darude, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Vivaldi, Mozart and almost every other kind of good music that is around.

Equipment: Behringer MIDI Keyboard, Reason and lots of Patience. Formed in 1998 which sometimes shows in the sound….

Greetings from Torben Asp