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01 Jan 1970 |

Joaquin Gustav

Joaquin Gustav
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tango, Latin, Classical Guitar

Joaquin Gustav

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Joaquin is a guitarist, composer who has gained national popularity with his gifted guitar playing and agile musical imagination.

Winner of the “Avi Choice Award 2012” Favorite Male Musician

Guitarist of the Tango Cuartet Castillo Palermo


Guitar Player of “Darwin Road” Pop Folk South American Band

He was the lead guitarist and arranger for Quijotes, a well known latin rock band in Argentina.

He has collaborated on the musical scores for a number of hit theatre productions including: “Enrulados Derechos”, “Buga” and “Donde estan las chcas?”

His formal musical education included graduating from the Music Popular School E.P.M., S.A.D.E.M. in Argentina. Since 1999, he has taught music focusing on jazz, rock and South American genres such as tango, milonga and candombe.

Performing live in Second Life as Joaquin Gustav he has charmed fans with his unique brand of Latin sizzle.

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Performing with webcam too
Name: Joaquin Gustav

Second Life Musician

Joaquin is a highly trained guitarist, born and received his music education in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the birthplace of tango. Out of his fingers comes an array of string sounds that blend the colors of Latin American culture with his own elegant performing style.
One of the hardest working musicians in SL, Joaquin never puts the guitar down. He is forever focused on giving one hundred percent to every performance. His wide range playlist includes smooth jazz, rock, tango, milonga, candombe and much more.
His magnetic charm is as appealing as his musical talent, and managed to build a very successful fan base. He has a very warm interaction with the audience, always ready for dedications and requests.

Second Live Experience:

There are too many locations to list, but here are just a few:
Many Second Life Music Community events, Relay for Life, SL Birthday. Haity and Chile relief,Burninglife org, (including Prince Charles in the Audience), Gibson Island (sponsored by Gibson USA), Sunset Jazz, Jade’s Jazz, The New Vibe, Cascadia, Sailors Cove, Nantucket, The Giving Tree, Kounak, The Ruins of Lloth, Tabasco, Cat’s Club, Moulin Rouge, Eolus and many many more..

Winner of the L.E.M.A award to the best latin entretainer, and many other wards doring diferent intenational festivals in Sl, like Four Winds

With 7 albums recorded specially for SL,
“Live at Gaslight”, “Xmas is a Summer thing”, ” Living Alive” “Joaquin Plays Valentine”, “Joaquin Plays Valentine 2 ” , “Bon Vivant” and ” Here Comes the Latin ”

and recording now a new album.
playing around 140 concerts/ month
10,000 concerts since 2007