Palancar –Myriad of Stars
01 Jan 1970 |


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About Music Island 

Music Island Concerts was established in 2007 as an artist collective for the presentation of live “art” music within Second Life.  Founded by Kate Miranda as a project of the Cedar Island Open-learning community, the series has collaborated in the presentation of projects and series with some of Second Life’s most well-known musicians, artists and educators.Projects have ranged from a full symphony concert featuring Sinfonia Leeds (a UK community orchestra) to not-possible-in-real-life experimental multi-media art to the 2009 Persieds festival of music, art, literature and lectures inspired by a unifying theme of meteors and falling stars.In 2012, Music Island moved.  The Cedar Island  education collective wrapped up operation in Second Life and Music Island was fortunate enough to find a home with, an international online language learning project.This website is a place to learn about upcoming Music Island concerts and events and a place for site members to share photos, comments and videos from Second Life musical events.

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